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Hunt dogs must face death row

Along with many of your readers, I await with interest the outcome of the PSNI investigation into the barbaric killing of a family cat last week by a group of fox-chasing hounds.

The contrast between this story and the plight of Lennox the dog could not be greater.

In one corner, we have the pet of a normal, working-class family who has been sentenced to death simply because some experts believe him to be dangerous, in spite of the fact that he has never actually harmed anyone.

In the other corner, we have baying hounds, belonging to an elite group in our society, who tore asunder a much-loved family pet.

Surely the very least we can expect is that the dogs in question - which are evidently dangerous - be seized and destroyed forthwith?

Or will the blue-blooded background of the canine culprits perhaps save them from such a fate?


Jordanstown, Co Antrim

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