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Hunting animals akin to hunting of humans


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Viva Las Vegas will never sound the same following the massacre of the innocents by a gunman.

While the tragic shooting in Las Vegas is upsetting, the reality is there are thousands of people in this country who carry out the same homicidal tendencies, but instead of a human target direct their lethal firepower towards animals and birds.

It is not a great leap from aiming at a live animal to aiming at a live human. The only difference, apart from legal restrictions, is a human can at least fight back.

Then again, a human fighting back would add to the buzz of hunting down and killing a live target.

Can it only be a matter of time before a US-inspired firearm event happens here? Then, when it is all over, the air will be thick with cries of, "Why did we not see this coming?" In fact, the signs were already there.

People who are violent towards animals rarely stop there. Those who hunt and kill animals for recreation are a visible, viable danger to society. A debate needs to take place into the need for the existence of any activity involving the hunting and killing of animals and birds.

Such activities cloak a sickness and an evil virus that spawn events like the Las Vegas massacre.

john tierney

Association of Hunt Saboteurs

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