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Hunting with hounds is just utterly cruel

Ireland's staghunting community has declared war. With the banning of their cruel activity back on the political agenda, they have blown the horn to rally the troops.

If it was not so serious, it would be laughable. How can Ireland's hunting community argue a solid defence for an activity that has been shown to be cruel, inhumane and unnecessary for the protection and survival of our deer population?

Mass rallies are being planned and political lobbying campaigns are being kick-started by these rural deer-chasers. The intention is to create a charade that hunting with hounds is a vital element of our society and it should not be consigned history's skip. Given that the majority of Irish people find hunting with hounds cruel, it will be interesting to see this campaign unfolds.

For those more used to dishing out animal abuse away from prying eyes, trying to justify their actions in the glare of public and media forums will be like audio-visual bloodsport as they squirm on truth's harpoon.

The ban on staghunting with hounds will come to pass and, in its wake, will be a ban on all forms of live hunting with hounds.


Association of Hunt Saboteurs, Dublin


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