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Hurt of wicked words drowning out apology

Parading around with a loaf of bread, or a bag of potatoes come to that, on one's head is the type of juvenile action we might perhaps expect from football supporters, trying to mildly wind the other side up.

For an elected politician to publicly do that (and on the anniversary of what, for some people, is their greatest personal life tragedy) is beyond the pale and, indeed, the human comprehension of any right-thinking person.

It is commendable that some of his colleagues recognise that his behaviour was, therefore, both wicked and indefensible.

But his wanton, crass actions have thus spoken much more loudly than their decent words, albeit apparently genuinely made on his behalf, and the obvious deep, raw offence and grievous hurt caused will inevitably largely drown out any apology that is made for some time to come.


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