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Hypocrisy at Stormont puts me in a stew

Well, well, well. So the clowns at the Stormont circus are still lording it, while the rest of us have to tighten our belts.

And Sammy is going to do something about it? Well, he hasn't done a lot so far.

Peter and Martin obviously feel that they don't have to tell the public how much their jollies cost the taxpayer.

All a bit rich when Edwin Poots goes on TV and says it's time the ordinary people went back to eating homemade soup and stew.

It's cheap and wholesome.

I'm sure there wasn't much soup and stew in the five-star hotels all around the world.

It's time the whole lot were kicked out and the circus closed down.

Just think of the money that could be saved and recycled into hospitals and education.

angry Comber, Co Down

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