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Hypocrisy of Christian Right put in spotlight

The recent rumpus inspired by the 'Christian' Institute and repeated by certain senior churchmen about a three-year-old comment by a senior Tesco manager highlights the current hypocrisy and doublethink of those attached to the Christian Right.

Not so long ago the 'Christian' Institute welcomed the comments of Iris Robinson about the "abomination" that she claimed was homosexuality.

Of course, when the same Mrs Robinson found herself at odds with accepted Biblical teaching on marital fidelity, the same Christian Institute failed to comment.

However, the senior Tesco manager, Nick Lansley, who, on a private webpage, expressed his views on Christians, is not only ridiculed, but his employer, which has totally dissociated itself from these comments, is targeted.

In fact, the Christian Institute used this as a launch-pad for an attack on Tesco's policy of funding Gay Pride in London.

Maybe they would like to supply a list of unacceptable practices, behaviours and views. Surely this list could include all pork farmers, organisations that support or employ unmarried mothers, adulterers and blasphemers.

Ultimately, though, will there be anywhere the Christian Right will be able to shop? Will there be a political party they will be able to support? Will there be an organisation they can work for? Or a church they can attend?


Ballynahinch, Co Down

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