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Hypocrisy of Sinn Fein exposed for world to see

SINN Fein MLA Ian Milne claims it is "vindictive" to pursue the IRA murderer of Reserve Constable John Proctor, following the conviction of a man for his 1981 murder outside the Mid-Ulster Hospital in Magherafelt (News, November 29).

If Mr Milne is serious, then he is clearly lacking in some basic understanding of the English language and, certainly, the definition of the word "vindictive".

Prosecuting murderers is not vindictive. But to set out to gun down a man in a hospital car park, seconds after he has just left his wife and new-born son, most certainly is.

Sinn Fein seems to believe that the state must hold its hands up for any mistakes made as it tried to thwart the IRA's terror campaign.

Where the state is concerned, Sinn Fein cannot get enough inquiries, prosecutions and apologies. They also demand the truth.

But not if the inquiry, the prosecution, the apology, or the truth relates to the activities or the members of the IRA then the rest of us are supposed to "move on".

This hypocrisy has been exposed for the world to see in Sinn Fein's reaction to the conviction of someone in relation to the murder of John Proctor.

It is not vindictive. It is the rule of law.

SANDRA OVEREND (Ulster Unionist Party)

MLA for Mid Ulster

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