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Hypocrisy of the Equality Commission

THE equality issue in Northern Ireland is again on the agenda, this time with the Christian faith being targeted for persecution.

Ashers Baking Company declined an order from a homosexual pressure group, QueerSpace, on grounds of biblical authority.

A slogan on the cake was 'Support gay marriage', which takes this cause to a new level, where tolerance gives way to promotion. The dictionary definition of equality is replaced by politically correct interpretation, but common sense isn't common in Marxist politically correct ideology.

I believe the Equality Commission has singled out Christianity as a soft target. Compare this with Islam, which is more vociferous in its opposition to same-sex relationships.

If a Muslim takeaway declined a homosexual service on grounds of his sexuality, would the same Equality Commission take up a case under its purported values?

A dimension of hypocrisy has to be pointed out on the part of the Equality Commission defending a group called QueerSpace.

There are those elsewhere being investigated under hate-crime law by like-minded people to the Equality Commission for calling homosexuals 'queers'.


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