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'Hypocrisy' over IRA school teacher furore

The fact that a former paramilitary in a teaching job becomes news in Northern Ireland raises interesting questions about our society (News, February 12).

The Catholic/Protestant weight of theology and morality is based, first and foremost, on conversion – from sin/evil toward the good.

It is very interesting that there is a chorus of condemnation on the sidelines of both Catholic and Protestant moralities who cannot wait to throw stones at the former paramilitary now working for the common good.

The hypocrisy at the core of this stone throwing ignores the fact that for every convicted paramilitary in Northern Ireland, there went many hundreds of paramilitary members, supporters, financiers and sympathisers known unto God and never unmasked.

I am fully aware that, apart from the many hundreds of unmasked paramilitaries, there were potentially thousands of others who supplied intelligence to the IRA, funds, safe houses, weapons, transport, bunkers and silence over actions that led to the deaths and injuries of many. This kind of support clearly also functioned around the UDA, UVF and UFF.

Who are we kidding in highlighting the story of one former paramilitary working for the common good?

What grand hypocrisy underpinning the moral stone throwers, surrounded as they are by former paramilitary supporters all over the six and 26 counties.

Did ever a society need a fundamental conversion to truth and honesty. And just in time for Lent.


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