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Hypocrisy reigns in SF's demands

SINN Fein/IRA now demand the government honour the assurances and commitments given to them under Tony Blair's 'comfort letter' scheme. It is a pity they didn't stick to promises they made in the past.

A classic example is Frank Hegarty, enticed back from a mainland safe-house to Londonderry on the promise he was safe.

As an act of reassurance to his mother, a very senior republican knelt on one knee and assured her that her son would not be harmed when he went for an IRA debriefing in Co Donegal.

Three days later, his tortured, naked body was found dumped on a roadside. I wonder who got an amnesty/Queen's pardon over that, why the case remains unsolved and why the Pat Finucane Centre never took up his case?


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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