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I have not been drawn to canvassers this poll

Alex Kane noted in his opinion piece (Comment, June 8) that 'politicians are more remote than ever'. My experience in Upper Bann would bear this out.

When I listen to politicians talk about the "issues on the doorstep", I wonder which doorsteps they go to.

In the last 12 years, during multiple elections at national, Assembly and local government level, only four politicians have had the temerity to ring my doorbell and have a conversation. Plenty of election junk mail is the proxy.

This election, I witnessed new levels of apathy. I watched a canvasser approach my house and put literature through my letterbox and walk away. When I looked at the note, the headline was: 'Sorry you were out - we called today.'

Perhaps our politicians are as sick of elections as I am, but if they want our vote they should at least make the effort to ring the doorbell and debate their stance.

See you in another five years ... hopefully.

Still Waiting

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