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I want value for money, not double-jobbing Sammy

I have followed with interest the exchanges over corporation tax between Sammy Wilson and Irwin Armstrong (Write Back, September 22/28) and I note that, lacking a solid basis for his argument, Mr Wilson resorted to making personal attacks on Irwin Armstrong. This is unseemly.

I further noted how Mr Wilson branded Irwin Armstrong - a management accountant - an "armchair economist". Well, it doesn't take any sort of economist to know taxpayers aren't getting value for money from double-jobbing politicians.

Let's not hear any more on cuts from Mr Wilson until he's prepared to give up one of his two jobs. And let's see him be big enough to give up double-jobbing before it has to be legislated against at Westminster.

To close, I must point out, following Mr Wilson's polemic, that Irwin Armstrong does know a thing or two about economics, having built an award-winning global business from scratch.

He therefore understands in great detail the challenges faced by those trying to create wealth and prosperity in Northern Ireland.

It's a pity Mr Wilson doesn't have the same support for an initiative aimed at giving everyone in Northern Ireland a prosperous and self-sufficient future.

Maybe Sammy is worried that a cut in corporation tax will mean there's not enough left in the coffers to pay both his salaries.


Chairman, Strangford Conservative Association


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