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If Bolt can be in the Games so can McIlroy

I'm intrigued at David Hennessy (Write Back, January 9) and Sam Porter (Write Back, January 11) asserting that the Olympics are for amateurs and, therefore, Rory McIlroy shouldn't be eligible.

In which century do these gentlemen live? Yes, when the Olympics re-started in 1896 and for quite a while thereafter, participants were all (at least in theory) amateur.

Check out the personnel in 2012. Do you really think that Usain Bolt, Ryan Giggs and Andy Murray - to name but three - are amateur sportsmen?

Maybe the Games should be restricted to amateurs, but that is a different argument. The door has been opened to professionals for a long time now and it is likely to remain open.

Professional golfers - under whichever flag they compete - are as eligible as professional sprinters, footballers and tennis players.



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