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If CIA gets secret UK courts where will it end?

The CIA is turning up the pressure on the UK Government for secret court hearings.

As we have seen with the one-sided extradition treaty between the US and UK, new laws and powers that start off aimed at terrorism will soon be used for other purposes and, in the case of the extradition treaty, for financially motivated and cyber crimes.

It is not a matter of 'if' new laws are redirected, it is 'when'.

The terrible loss of life on 9/11 was not the result of a failure of UK security. Equally, British security services have shared details of terrorism plots in the UK with the US authorities only to find those details being aired on TV within hours, possibly compromising trials in this country.

Once this one-sided compromise of open justice in the UK is put in place, who will ever revoke it? It will all be done behind closed doors, without open review or debate. So when it starts being applied to other types of proceedings, the only people to realise that will be the ones who suddenly find themselves shackled in a Texas prison.


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