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If Judas was predestined to betray Christ, then it debunks the theory that God gave us free will

letter of the day: death of jesus

Your correspondent Robert Cousins (Write Back, August 17) is transparently sincere in his beliefs.

But, in his response to my earlier letter, he makes no attempt to answer the central question which I posed: if there are no limits to God's powers, so that God is all-seeing and all-knowing, how can humans be anything more than puppets dangling on strings manipulated by God?

Mr Cousins argues that man was created with a conscience and the ability to choose between right and wrong. But if God is all-knowing, He must necessarily have known, even before Judas Iscariot was a gleam in his father's eye, that Judas the man would go on to betray Jesus.

Judas was acting out a predestined sequence of events.

He had no choice in the matter of betraying Jesus.

Mr Cousins cannot have it both ways: if God did not know in advance that Judas would betray Jesus (because Judas had free will and might have changed his mind), then God is not all-powerful and Mr Cousins has set limits to His powers.

On the other hand, if Mr Cousins asserts that there are no limits to God's powers, then how can he deny that God knew in advance that Judas would betray Jesus, in which case the actions of Judas were foreseen and inevitable and, far from having free will, Judas was indeed a "puppet on a string", carrying out his destiny?

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