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If Nesbitt's the answer, UUP asking wrong question

As an interested observer in the UUP leadership contest, I would urge members to vote for John McCallister - and save their party.

John is a man with vision and has a plan to get the UUP up off its knees. Another safe pair of hands is not what is required. Radical change is.

One of the answers often trotted out by the younger wing of the party is that Mike Nesbitt is some fantastic communicator. Let's look at that for a second.

He has been soundly hammered in every debate and his leadership campaign has lurched from one gaffe to another (Referendum on Opposition that never was; supporting euthanasia; a proposed alliance with the DUP). Not a great start for this self-proclaimed master of communication. In fact, at times, he has made Tom Elliott look media-savvy

Let's not forget either that Mike Nesbitt was campaign manager for Tom Elliott during his campaign against Basil McCrea. Given the unmitigated disaster that was the Elliott reign, this is hardly an endorsement of his judgment.

Mike Nesbitt is standing on a platform of more of the same. UUP members should remember they will only get so many chances to get these big decisions wrong.


Moira, Co Down

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