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If orchestra fails we can blame Stormont tribes

I WRITE in response to the latest ridiculous missive from Bernard J Mulholland in which he now advocates a crazy "business club" idea for the Ulster Orchestra (Write Back, December 1).

Clearly, the author of this letter is unaware just how orchestras in Europe are funded. All are state-funded (those in the UK rather badly).

His idea might work in places where they worship Mammon, such as China, or the USA, but not here. The so-called Minister of Culture we are apparently lumbered with, Caral Ni Chuilin, clearly has a "class" agenda issue with classical music and is only really interested in things "Oirish", or "Norn Oirish", as do most of the politicians who are conspicuous by their complete absence from the ongoing debate on the fate of the orchestra.

It would be impossible to fill the 2,000-plus seated Waterfront Hall - even pop concerts do not manage to fill it. Local business will not support the orchestra completely; they are evidently uninterested in it. As previously mentioned by the music correspondent of that veritable publication Private Eye, Lunchtime O'Boulez, in Northern Ireland funds can be miraculously obtained for certain politically expedient reasons, such as Titantic Centre (£98m), policing Twaddell (£15m), endless inquiries ad nauseum (£100m+).

Anything considered remotely "highbrow", or non-sectarian, gets completely ignored by the tribal politicians.

If the orchestra does ends its days in oblivion, we can blame the useless bunch up at Stormont.

They have so far managed to consistently destroy practically everything with their tribal malice and spite.


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