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If the Assembly collapses, Sinn Fein take blame

When will Sinn Fein and explain to the public why they are in such a hurry to get the Policing and Justice Bill signed up?

Over the last few months all we get from them is "we must have a date". No, they must not have a date as they well know (having signed up to the St Andrew's Agreement).

Yet they continue to hold a gun to everybody's head over this, causing all other parties (and two prime ministers) to drop everything to get this resolved now.

The DUP have stated time after time that they will sign the deal when they are ready. Why can't Sinn Fein accept this?

After all, the DUP had to accept Sinn Fein's word they were giving up the Armalite for just the ballot box when they went into Government with them, so why can't Sinn Fein trust the DUP on this?

It's like a man agreeing to marry his girlfriend when the time is right and then the girlfriend nags away at him every five minutes to name a date for the wedding.

Sinn Fein need to stop acting like primary school children before the Assembly really does collapse. And, if it does, there will only be one party to blame - and it won't be the DUP.




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