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If you don't care about money Rory, prove it

An open letter to Rory McIlroy from Occupy Belfast

Many congratulations, Rory, on your recent win at the Shanghai Masters, where you picked up a cheque for £1,250,000 - a sum that would take the average Northern Irish worker 63.4 years to earn.

This, added to your existing earnings, makes you part of the 1% of people who own 40% of the world's wealth.

Golf is the hobby of the 1%, but while you enjoy the rewards of your success, like the bespoke practice course you have built at your home, there are people in Northern Ireland who have no home to go to. The Housing Executive states there are 19,000 households in Northern Ireland that are defined as homeless.

Your father Gerry has said: "Rory has no interest in money. Rory is just Rory . . . he doesn't care about cash as long as he has enough to do him."

Indeed, in the BBC Major Breakthrough documentary, you said that your love of the game was the motivating factor behind your success, not money.

If this is truly what you believe, we call on you to show solidarity with the 99% of people who aren't as fortunate as you by pledging your support for Occupy Belfast.

The Belfast Occupation at Writers' Square has been protesting at social and economic inequality since October 21 and welcomes all-comers who wish to participate in the activities at the camp.


Writers' Square, Belfast


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