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If you want strong and stable, look to Europe


Dissenter (Write Back, July 13) claims it is undemocratic to have views other than his when it comes to Brexit.

Does that mean Nigel Farage was undemocratic when he voiced his dislike for the EU for 25 years? That would be the logic of Dissenter?

He forgets that 48% didn't vote for leaving the EU. Perhaps, as a member of that 48%, I should start a Join the EU movement, so we could enjoy the benefits of a market of 250 million.

We could encourage banks to set up headquarters here in the UK, rather than other EU countries.

Ease of travel across Europe? No custom barriers. Probable revaluation of the pound, so inflation would go down. It appears there are lots of advantages belonging to such. It would provide a strong and stable basis for our industries to grow.


Saintfield, Co Down

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