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IFA doing a lot better than other sports

The IFA has come in for considerable and unfair criticism recently, yet it has taken giant steps to move forward, especially through Football for All.

Football is also a game that is played at all levels by both communities - unlike the monocultural GAA.

Regarding the anthem, it is not the job of the IFA to commission an anthem acceptable to everyone. If they did, republicans/nationalists could still reject it. It is up to the politicians to agree a shared anthem and then Northern Ireland (and the GAA in Northern Ireland) can adopt this.

Meanwhile, perhaps the IRFU could stop alienating Irish unionists by removing the offensive A Soldier's Song before games at Aviva Stadium.

They could also remove the tricolor, which is not our flag. It is not a Republic of Ireland team (or is it?). What is wrong with the IRFU flag?

Equally, the GAA could remove all their alienating nationalist baggage and so recruit Protestants. With their totally Catholic membership, they are presently competing with less than 50% of their potential players. They talk the talk, but when will they walk the walk?

The mote in the eye of the IFA is a beam in the eye of other sports.