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Ignorance of road rules fills me with rage

A GROWING number of motorists do not seem to understand bus lanes or the rules of the road.

Most bus lanes in Belfast operate between specified hours, but drivers avoid use of the lanes at all times. The rule of the road, laid down by statute, requires the driver to drive on the left, or nearside, lane except in circumstances stipulated in the Order or Highway Code. As it is, drivers hold to the outer lane at speeds below that permitted but they are breaking the law when bus lanes are inoperative.

On motorways and dual-carriageways, vehicles often keep to the 'fast' lane, or overtaking lane, sometimes for miles, when there is nothing preventing resumption of the nearside lane.

Finally, a tractor driver delayed a lengthy line of traffic for some six miles, on a busy road, with ample opportunity to pull onto a hard shoulder - an offence for which you can lose your licence.

Road rage may be inexcusable, but at times it's understandable.