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Ignore publicity stunt by 'non-entity' ex-UUP men

In response to the letter from the 'non-Famous Five' ex-UUP men (Write Back, December 20), I too would like to have my own views considered.

Like them, I consider myself a very senior and influential member of the Ulster Unionist Party.

Having poured tea at several branch meetings and set out the chairs for a constituency meeting, you will detect I hold a very senior position within the party and, as such, my views carry a lot of weight and significance.

Therefore, like the five gentlemen, I believe that my views, however controversial and without real support, should be considered and, in fact, implemented.

In light of the current position of the UUP, I contend that the party should immediately disband and reform as a global prototype centre-Right socialist coalition, amalgamating with the American Tea Party and the Party of European Socialists.

Obviously, such a new political dynamic will enhance my own personal popularity and enable me to promote myself as a serious political thinker of some renown.

My price for creating such a positive new entity will be at least five minutes of media glory.

Alternatively, you could just ignore me as the political non-entity I really am, treat me with the contempt I deserve and laugh at my self-serving publicity stunt - nothing more than I actually deserve.

And the same goes for the 'non-Famous Five'.


Portadown, Co Armagh


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