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Ignore scaremongering, Dobson can win Upper Bann

As we enter the last week or so of the election campaign, now is probably the best time to remind the electorate of Upper Bann to prepare themselves to be frightened - yet again.

Over the next few days, the DUP will step up their pathetic election campaign with a reiteration of "Sinn Fein are taking over - only David Simpson can stop Seeley!"

In 2010, with less than 48 hours to go, leaflets were produced, polls were released and unionist voters were hoodwinked with the same rubbish - "Sinn Fein are going to win" - only to discover after the count that Sinn Fein actually came a poor third and the same will happen again this time.

The message then was clear, as it is now: we (the DUP) know our candidate has nothing to offer, but vote for him anyway just to keep "them" out.

Amazingly, in all the key pronouncements by the DUP in relation to Upper Bann, there has been no enthusiastic endorsement of their outgoing MP. He hasn't been described as the best candidate, nor the greatest parliamentarian, his record hasn't been trotted out as evidence of success.

No: the DUP campaign has been simple - we (the DUP) can think of no reason why you should vote for David Simpson, other than fear. The mantra is simple, if massively patronising - "Only the DUP can stop Sinn Fein." But is even that really true, or logical?

Surely, by voting for a sensible, hardworking, effective MLA, with a track record of delivery for Upper Bann, Sinn Fein will be beaten?

Surely, voting for a candidate who is articulate, personable and dedicated to the Union will do three things: secure the seat for the unionist cause, deliver an MP that gets things done and defeat the abstaining party?

So, the choice is clear: Upper Bann needs a change. Upper Bann needs Jo-Anne Dobson.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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