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I’m left confused at Stormont’s inaction

Over these past months I have found myself confused and feeling robbed as a result of the ‘fine' work of our ‘great' politicians at Stormont.

Confused because I'm still wondering why they are being paid for their months spent off work and robbed because the money used to pay their salaries could be better spent elsewhere.

I think the money instead is being used to help First Minister Peter Robinson buy his pair of designer glasses and Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams to keep his appointments to get his trademark beard professionally trimmed.

As the months unfold without any decision, it's starting to become apparent the many things in life that are more likely to happen than an agreement on the Policing and Justice issue — Ian Paisley becoming a devout Catholic, Gerry Adams joining the Orange Order and perhaps, and this is a long shot, Caitriona Ruane realising she's not cut out for her job as Education Minister. Doubtful!

Brendan Brannigan


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