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I’m tired hearing about gays

The £80,000 funding for gay groups by the Office of First Minister/Deputy First Minister is nothing more than a sop after the outcry caused by the First Minister's wife.

Further revelations that this is in addition to earlier payments of £100,000 just beggars belief.

Apparently, the funding is part of a £230,000 package approved by Direct Rule ministers which included assistance to that ridiculous Gay Pride parade.

The fact that it is targeted at a group of people with an ‘in-your- face-style’ of victimisation, makes me angry.

The gay ‘community’ have chosen to live in a particular way, much in the same way I have.

But I do not mention at every turn that I am heterosexual, nor is there any need for me to do so, and nor do I get funding for it.

I feel that gays should keep their mouths shut about their sexuality instead of this ‘coming out’ nonsense or clearly articulating by every means possible that their rugby team is gay or their choir is gay.

Who cares?

Being gay should not be protected by law or subject to obscene amounts of public funding.

What gays do behind closed doors is their business, just keep it out of my face.

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