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Immature nonsense about Boys' Brigade the product of someone desperate for publicity

letter of the day: collins controversy

Hey, Jude! Thank you for educating me on the "militarism" ethos of the Boys' Brigade (News, June 2). I was a leader in 2nd Portadown Junior BB for 40 years and didn't realise.

Mind you, we never went on night manoeuvres and we didn't have an enemy in the world. We did, though, have shooting practice, although that was confined to football and basketball.

The lads didn't particularly enjoy marching until we surprised ourselves (and everyone else) many moons ago by winning the Junior BB Cup in our area, but it did only happen the once. Still, the nonsense you wrote gave you the oxygen of publicity you obviously crave and I watched your rather pathetic performance on The Nolan Show.

That Boys' Brigade/Girls' Brigade lady who agreed with you inadvertently summed up the stupidity of your argument when she referred to the fact that BB companies each have a captain, hence the military connection.

But every sports club in this country has a captain. So, do they, too, have military connections?

Are footballers going to give us a kicking? Are hockey and hurling players going to attack us with their sticks?

Are bowlers going to use their bowls as cannon balls to tame us? Will sailing clubs become paramilitary navies and invade our ports?

It's nonsense, Jude. Don't be such a fool.

And don't bother to apologise. I don't care about your immature outpourings.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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