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Immigrants get good deal

My husband, two children and I emigrated to New Zealand a couple of years ago.

On arrival, we found that Immigration had not quite finalised our working visas which left my husband out of work for 12 weeks. His employer waited for him, but mine did not. The money we brought

over from the sale of our possessions in Northern Ireland quickly disappeared.

We could not sustain life in New Zealand any longer and decided to use our ticket home which had already been paid for at the beginning of our trip.

We were penniless. The Housing Executive said my parents’ three-bedroom house was suitable for us to stay in, and they could not give us a home.

I feel bad for the Romanian families, but I am sorry, we paid our taxes our whole working lives yet the Housing Executive plans to give them a house. Why didn’t we get one?


Connor, Co Antrim

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