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Immigrants need to match countries' needs

SO, another newspaper (the Daily Mail) has now followed in the footsteps of the Daily Express and it, too, is deeply concerned with the enormous problems immigration is inflicting on the British economy.

European Union members have greatly differing economic statuses and the people of those countries at the bottom of the table, understandably, move to richer nations to look for employment; failing that, to avail themselves of any free benefits.

While ours may be a principled humanitarian policy, it becomes political madness when a nation becomes so overpopulated that its systems of health, education, housing, welfare and law and order become totally inadequate.

The result of all this is obvious (if, perhaps, not to politicians): all the above-mentioned systems reach a state of uselessness.

The myriad of languages indigenous people have to contend with alone creates a costly inefficiency. Leaving aside the brainless politicians that created this unholy mess, the do-gooders in our society – the 'ostrich' members (head in the sand) and others – scream racism when any curtailment of immigrants is mentioned.

Matching immigrants to the needs of any country makes economic sense; racism does not come into the equation.

It's high time the European Union faced up to this problem, as not only will Britain go under, but Germany, France and others will follow.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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