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Immigrants put undue strain on public services

Your Write Back page is compelling reading and one regular contributor has impressed me in the past for his sound reasoning and ability of expression.

I refer to Harry Stephenson and we would do well to heed the structured advice by his letter (Write Back, March 7) regarding the EU referendum, further clarified by his follow-up letter (Write Back, March 10).

We do have a responsibility to show compassion for others - within the limits of our resources. Currently, we have extended beyond those limits. All and sundry have entered the country - many of whom have had difficult experiences. But, rather than be thankful, they are persistent in obtaining everything going.

For example, I have difficulty in obtaining a doctor's appointment, yet the waiting room is awash with foreigners. It is galling to see some greeted with an interpreter's handshake (at taxpayers' expense).

I don't blame the foreigners and, indeed, treat them with respect. There are many of our own people who work in other countries but they get no handouts.

In one incident, a family member suffered a recurrence of a sports injury and was in pain on the floor. An ambulance was called, but the paramedics refused to lift the patient. Another family member had to do the lifting and for such diabolical service they were presented with a bill for the equivalent of £200, and not in a third world country.

We would be better having control of our own affairs. To do otherwise would be disrespectful to those who, with great sacrifice, defended our heritage against those with unacceptable intent.


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