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Immigration is serving Europe's capitalist agenda

For 25 years after the Second World War growth rates were high in the capitalist economies. Real income rose, as did the consumption of goods. However, multiple economic recessions in the mid-1970s ended this.

To control costs business began to migrate to areas of low-cost labour such as the Pacific Rim and Far East. Business tackled the problem of well-paid labour in the core capitalist economies with "liberalisation of the labour market", whereby low-cost labour was imported.

This was rebranded "freedom of movement" for public consumption, especially in states like Germany, where pay rates had been frozen for 10 years.

It was in this spirit that Angela Merkel called for more foreign workers to come to Germany to take up low-paid jobs, especially in retirement homes to look after the ageing population. Immigrants grow old, too, of course, but business needs come first and any criticism is castigated.

With this background the commitment of EU navies to patrol the Mediterranean for refugees has been a boon to people traffickers who now only need to drop their cargo a few kilometres from shore.

The purpose of immigration everywhere has been to provide a cheap servant class and keep pay rates down for all.

Survey evidence for the decline of societal well-being with large influxes of newcomers is long-established and incontrovertible, though not often mentioned.

The human collateral of the conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Iraq is a separate issue and we should not encourage the talent of these regions to abandon their homeland for Western business needs, because they are its future and what chance does it have without them?


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