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Important lessons to take away from Brexit

It is not whether there should, or should not, have been a Brexit vote, or even a referendum.

The important questions for all of us, whichever way we voted, are 1) what can we learn from this referendum and 2) what actions should we take to correct the perceived shortcomings and consequences of this referendum?

I doubt that anyone would wish to Brexit on catastrophically bad terms. Conversely, were Leave terms agreed that enabled a) complete autonomy over legislation, b) complete control over immigration and borders and c) complete freedom over trade within the EU, I suspect many who voted Remain would then vote Leave. We may die in wishing for that particular package.

The reality is that all of us who voted did so on a platform of beliefs about hopes and perceived probabilities about what that vote would mean. Any further legislation for referenda should include sanctions (including a new referendum) for material misrepresentations leading to votes (from whichever side the misrepresentations were uttered). The lies told in order to win votes were shameful.


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