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Imposing one's beliefs not the right way to go

The hypocrisy associated with much of the rhetoric coming from the anti-abortion lobby lately puts me in the untenable position of being unable to decide what to support, or what to oppose, any more.

The taking of human life, both inside and outside the womb, has been around in a grand scale since time immemorial and it is men, not women, who have been the perpetrators of most of these atrocities.

The invasion of Iraq by George W Bush, for example, resulted in the death of upwards of 250,000 people - mostly civilians - in clearly what was an unjust war and I don't recall there being any hullabaloo about that.

Instead, it has been decided to target and prey upon a handful of vulnerable women with problems of mind and body which only they themselves are capable of comprehending.

To give the issue a bit more balance, therefore, permit me to quote from what the aforementioned George W Bush had to say prior to invading Iraq.

The former president said: "The Christian religion is the greatest the world has ever seen and we Americans must continue to live up to its principles, through good times and bad."

Everybody is entitled to their religious beliefs, but I cannot accept that imposing these beliefs upon other people by way of the constitution, or legislation, is the right way to go.

Experience tells me that religious people who want to share their beliefs with all and sundry almost never want to share the religious views of others with themselves.


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