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In pictures: Belfast's £90m Titanic experience

Most of the major tourist attractions in the world's cities are actually in the cities. This Titanic Disaster Centre is in a forlorn wasteland.


What a sad lot. The ship sunk. On its first sailing. And that is something to celebrate?


What a negative lot. For years, people here have been saying that we should have a museum about probably the most famous ship in the world. I, for one, wish Titanic Belfast all the best. People all over the world are talking about this building and wishing they were in Belfast to see it.


Bravo. We need more people like this.

JG Derry

Fair play to him. All sport on this island should be politics-free. We need to re-balance - there are so many nationalist kids and adults playing soccer, rugby and increasingly cricket. I'd love to see more from the unionist community playing Gaelic sports. They belong to everyone.

Slim Boy Liam

This is what we need. More people able to look at a sporting event and see it for what it is - sport, not a political meeting. Didn't Edward Carson not only play hurling at Trinity College, but helped write the rules for the modern game?


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