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In trying to hijack Labour's growing popularity, the militant Socialist Party has damaged only itself

Letter of the day: entryist politics

DANIEL Waldron, writing on behalf of the Socialist Party (Write Back, September 1) in response to my letter (Write Back, August 29), is incorrect on a number of points.

He claims I suggested "socialists are an alien force in the Labour movement". I did not. I suggested that members of his party, who concealed their party membership in order to infiltrate other political parties, most certainly are.

Their intent was no different than their Militant Tendency predecessors, who were instructed by their bosses to deny their membership so that they could operate a party within a party.

He argues that this was not their motivation, though he does not deny the infiltration, which he and his colleagues knew was against Labour Party rules.

Finally, he incorrectly asserts his party's latest front group, the Cross Community Labour Alternative (CCLA), "won the largest votes for Left candidates in decades".

Leaving aside the assumed narrow definition of 'Left', the CCLA candidate in my constituency (South Belfast) was out-polled by another unsuccessful candidate from People Before Profit. Two of the other three unsuccessful CCLA candidates elsewhere were eliminated on the first count.

Trying to hijack the Corbyn bandwagon by infiltrating the Labour Part of Northern Ireland has clearly hurt the Socialist Party, as recent developments have demonstrated. It will not advance their political ambitions one iota.



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