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Incinerator plan needs a rethink

I commend Minister Durkan for his recent decision to refuse planning permission for a waste incinerator in north Belfast.

Given the well-documented health risks associated with incineration of mixed waste and the more progressive and greener alternative sources of energy our country should already be investing in, I see that refusing permission for this was the only rational decision.

My concerns were rekindled, however, when I learned that another incinerator of similar capacity is being considered for east Belfast. Aside from the pollution associated with such a plant, an alarming detail of this planned incineration facility is its proximity to several liquid petroleum storage tanks, immediately raising obvious concerns about safety.

The planning application describes these neighbouring facilities as an "unknown storage yard". I find this odd when a brief visit to the site leaves no doubt as to their nature.

I wonder would the planning permission be considered at all were it not for this odd omission of such a seemingly important detail.

This means important questions may not have been asked about the sensibility of placing LPG storage tanks and an incinerator together on this industrial scale.



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