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Incinerator will just cause us more problems


The decision to build a poultry manure incinerator at Glenavy will create more problems than solutions.

Chicken manure is watery - more than 95% moisture content. This will result in more energy needed than produced.

According to the Open University, burning chicken manure releases more nitrous acids than burning coal and we are not allowed to burn logs in Belfast stoves. Sulphur dioxide is also released, which causes sulphuric acid rain, which falls and percolates into the valleys and river rocks and dissolves naturally occurring aluminium.

Dissolved aluminium is a serious people, plant and fish poison.

This incinerator will be dealing with a symptom of the problems caused by intensive poultry agriculture.

Caged chickens endure an unhealthy existence, so their feed is medicated.

This is why the manure cannot be spread back on the fields as fertiliser. It is contaminated by medical waste.

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Eighty per cent of all the grains grown by our arable farmers goes to feed caged chickens and other livestock.

So the cause of the problem is the method of producing eggs.

Free-ranging poultry do not just produce eggs; they can also provide weed clearance in orchards, pest control, nocturnal glass house heating, shredding, fertilisers, meat, feathers, waste food recycling and fertilising of fish ponds.

People will pay taxes for this subsidised incineration, so we will be working for the chickens rather than the chickens working for us.