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Independence is the best way forward for all

I refer to the recent article by Mary Dejevsky in The Belfast Telegraph in which she writes about how much the Republic of Ireland government would be willing to pay to the British Government to 'buy' Northern Ireland. But the sentence that caught my eye was where she wrote "granting full indepence might be one option".

This is something that I have come to believe is the only viable option for Northern Ireland over the last few years as this could be a compromise which the majority of the population might grudgingly be happy with.

At the moment, the nationalists aren't happy with the situation and, if a united Ireland was to ever become a reality, the unionists certainly would not be happy with that. Independence could be a happy medium.

Independence would also give Northern Ireland the freedom to set its own taxation rates on VAT, Corporation Tax and National Insurance. Perhaps if Northern Ireland was an independent country the recession would not be hitting us as hard as it is.

I agree that independence may not work, but it seems to work just fine in the Isle of Man.

Why is there not a political party that stands for independence? They would certainly get my vote.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim


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