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Inept Assembly the reason for apathy

If you take two criteria against which to judge the success of any political system wherever it may apply - efficiency and legitimacy - plainly and obviously the instantly forgettable Assembly 2016-2017 falls short.

Any government that can trumpet a single Finance Act in a review of achievements for a period of nine months' work, quite rightly, leaves itself vulnerable to the charge of inefficiency and not delivering for the people who bothered to vote.

In addition, the distrust and apathy so clearly felt and articulated by people in Northern Ireland towards those who govern lends itself to the view that very little authority is perceived to lie in the Assembly.

I myself have been caught up in such a spectacular wave of disinterest and will not be voting today.

I fully recognise the emotion that "our ancestors died for your right to vote"; but, presented with the array of potential legislators available, it's not unreasonable to hold that some of those ancestors would be wholly uninterested, too.

PS, I wish every candidate standing for election every possible success.




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