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Inevitable collapse of EU cannot be avoided

I have long passed the point where I don’t want to hear anything further from either camp in the EU referendum campaign.

I feel insulted by both sides’ assumption that I will take their increasingly wild and desperate lies, distortions and misrepresentations as actual “facts”. The real truth is that it won’t matter in the medium to long-term whether we stay in the EU or leave.

The reason for this statement is that, if the EU continues with its present policies and plans, it will fail financially, economically, socially and politically — probably within about the next 30 years. It has already started to fail on the financial front and that will continue to worsen, because the underlying assumptions on which it proceeds are fundamentally flawed.

Increased financial pressures and consequential economic downturn, combined with ever-growing migration problems both from within the enlarged EU and externally, will produce increasing social unrest.

The only way to avoid my scenario is for the EU to start formally dissolving itself. Will that happen? Of course not.

There are too many people with vested interests (whether financial, political or personal) who will not allow that to be considered.

So, there is nothing we in the UK can do to stop the inevitable, eventual collapse of the EU — or avoid its devastating effects.


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