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Innocent civilians being killed in illegal wars


The problem with Northern Ireland's juvenile political culture is that, in making any anti-British statement, one is immediately labelled a republican.

A lot of people who hold this narrow-minded view don't see the absurdity in what they believe.

It means that no one can be against British soldiers fighting in illegal wars for its own sake. No one can be against the bombing of Afghan villages by British soldiers, because it is immoral and a crime against humanity.

No one can be against the bombing now in Libya, because innocent civilians are being killed, or because of the less-than-benevolent reasons for Nato operations there.

No - this view says that one must be a republican to hold such views. Well, I'm against all these immoral and illegal wars where British soldiers are involved.

I believe innocent people are being murdered, or will die, in the future from the Radioactive Uranium Dust (RUD) from the British-made munitions and that these wars will not bring freedom and democracy to these countries - but not because I'm a republican.

I don't care whether British soldiers march through the centre of Belfast or not.

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At least, while British troops are marching through Belfast, they are not out in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya bombing and murdering innocent civilians and following an agenda the media refuses to cover.


Hillsborough, Co Down