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Inquiries easier for some than others, it seems

Apparently there will be at least four inquiries into the affairs of Peter and Iris Robinson.

Mr Robinson has taken time out as First Minister, saying: "I don't have months to wait to clear my name".

They can order inquiries it seems at the click of their ministerial fingers.

Peter says he is the innocent victim of a media vendetta waged against him and his family.

But what if Iris Robinson, instead of having an affair, had been killed by a plastic bullet fired by the PSNI?

Would Peter still be clamouring for the truth to be told and the innocent vindicated?

I ask this because Peter Robinson has supported the British State for over 40 years in denying the truth to victims of collusion, shoot-to-kill and the State murder of men women and children by plastic bullets.

My family and hundreds of others have campaigned through a group called An Fhirinne for an international, independent, truth commission.

Hopefully, the Robinsons will now support us in our quest for truth and justice.


An Fhirinne


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