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Inquiries will never bring about justice

We have criticism by Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary of the Historical Enquiries Team investigations concerning alleged wrongdoing by the Army and the subsequent findings and recommendations made by the HET.

Another story concerns the story of no justice for the family of an IRA victim Samuel Llewellyn, murdered in 1975.

The sad difference in these stories is the fact that the family of Samuel Llewellyn is unlikely ever to have justice.

All those years the IRA operated in the shadows carrying on a war with the British regime and the state of Northern Ireland.

They did not wear a uniform, their records were not open for public scrutiny.

And even in these days of relative peace they will not comment or give information about those involved in past atrocities.

The military on the other hand have their operations recorded and someone is accountable.

Apart from when undercover they wear uniform.

All personnel are traceable, even after many years.

No doubt some of the soldiers investigated by the HET would have been of a tender age, not really knowing what they were doing fighting a war with their hands tied.

By writing this I do not intend to lessen any crime knowingly committed by a British serviceman.

The IRA fought a dirty war but wanted everyone else to abide by peacetime rules.

The whole thing stinks for the thousands of IRA victims such as Samuel Llewellyn.

Enough is enough. Draw a line in the sand!

Hugh Morrow


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