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Inspirational woman's jailing is lesson for all

I FULLY endorse Julianne Denver's concerns (Write Back, October 4) over the jailing of Teresa Treacy.

Ms Treacy has committed no crime and poses no threat, but is languishing in Mountjoy jail simply because ESB in the Republic is unwilling to follow the lead of other European nations and place their cables underground.

ESB is totally out of order in using such a heavy handed approach, resulting in this innocent woman going to jail simply for protecting the trees on her land.

They could so easily have put these powerlines underground, which would have made much more sense from a public health and environmental perspective.

On December 1, 1955, in Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus because she was tired of the iron hand of oppression. Teresa Treacy stands proud in this noble company.

The courage she has shown will inspire thousands to stand firm against PowerNI when they try to force their north-south interconnector on huge pylons through counties Armagh and Tyrone.


Derrynoose, Co Armagh


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