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Institutions protect an inhuman status quo


What we aren't being told in connection with recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London by Islamist terrorists is that the British security forces during the 1990s had a 'covenant of security' between themselves and a myriad of radical Islamist groups.

This 'covenant' provided refuge and welfare in the UK to hundreds of Islamist extremists on the assumption that they wouldn't commit any terrorist atrocities in the UK (or, possibly, in return for not committing terrorist atrocities in the UK).

Committing terrorist atrocities abroad was fine, of course, which says a lot about the mentality of the people in charge of keeping us safe.

What is indispensable about an education in history is the knowledge gained about what is really happening and explanations about how things happen and, consequently, how utterly woeful our mainstream media is in omitting this history, which they have every reason to be familiar with.

What history explains is that the institutions which are meant to keep us safe actually put our safety and others' safety in jeopardy and the institutions meant to inform us actually misinform us about what's really happening in the world, because to do so would provide people with the tools to adequately challenge an inhuman and unjust status quo.


Hillsborough, Co Down

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