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Insulting Christians doesn't advance gay cause

I OBJECT strongly to the attitude of Robert McNeil in describing Christians opposed to gay marriage on biblical grounds as "weirdos" (News, April 30).

As Bible-believing people, our lives are governed by the guidance of Christ in Holy Scripture and, as a country, it would serve us all well to adhere to those laws.

Nevertheless, people have drifted from God's commandments and gone their own way. That's up to them.

But it doesn't mean a minority section of the community should have what God first ordained changed to suit their man-made concept and imitation of a true marriage.

Christians should not be referred to as "weirdos" in the Belfast Telegraph. I thought more of it. It's disrespectful. Are we not allowed to object, Mr McNeil? What if the Bible is the living word of God to mankind, Mr Mc Neil? What will you say when Christ returns and you are found to be wrong?

Anyway, the lifestyle of gay people is not the natural use of the body and is unhealthy for it and cannot be held up as equal.

This is not about love. It's about slipping in laws that are against God's ways. People think they can – and should – do what they want, like errant children. My Heavenly Father says that is not the way. Follow him.

Whether you do, or not, please refrain from insulting those who do and have the courage of their convictions to say so.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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