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Insurance for young people out of reach

Last week I rang my insurance broker for a car quote for my son, who had just turned 17.

I was surprised to find that insurance for young people is now priced so ridiculously high as to be out of the question.

How is any under-20-year-old supposed to learn to drive?

If my son passes his test, then what? Being under 20, will he be able to access affordable insurance? If he cannot, is there any point in learning to drive?

If you pass and cannot drive, you will soon become rusty and lose skills. Is waiting three years until you are 20 for insurance really an option?

The ability to drive is very important. Like a passport, it offers independence.

You can do very little these days without it.

Could we perhaps benefit from some European insurance systems where it is the car that is insured, rather than the driver?

I do know that I am left in a quandary: the law requires a driver under 20 to have insurance, but few companies will insure him/her at an affordable price.




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