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Integrated education is the way forward

The point raised in Baroness Blood's letter (19 August), which Cllr Adam Newton (29 Aug) seems to have missed, is that the need for education reform is not just her view, but also that of independent, non-partisan bodies with no vested interests in Northern Ireland's education system.

These include the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the FSA Panel on Disbandment of Paramilitaries and the Consultative Group on the Past. It is reflected in successive public opinion polls.

All say that ending the effective segregation of our children is the way ahead for Northern Ireland.

The majority of schools here - about 90% - enrol pupils overwhelmingly from one side of the denominational divide. They may not actively seek to exclude pupils by faith or background but tackling this basic division needs, as many agree, a holistic reform of the education system.

We cannot truly move forward without it.

Roderick Downer


Integrated Education Fund

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