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Integrated education NI's best way forward

When there are episodes of sectarian and racial hatred, the members of the two extreme parties, who should be in the Assembly dealing with health, education, Brexit, the Budget and the economy, bring out their platitudes of condemnation.

Do they not realise that it is their attitudes of 'them' and 'us' which are responsible for the continuation of bigotry and sectarianism?

The majority of the population do not care about 'red lines'. Six months after the Assembly election, we want the MLAs to be in the Assembly dealing with the problems that affect us all.

It is disgraceful that long-awaited schemes to integrate social housing can be thwarted by paramilitaries. A majority of parents have said they would prefer to have integrated education for their children, but the schools are over-subscribed.

Educating our children together is the best way forward for our society.

The demand for places must be met.



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