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Integrity of inquiry into NoTW is now in doubt

Why is it that the police and politicians do not work together? For in this respect it appears that their workings go against the interests of justice, the law and ultimately the people of this country.

Indeed, if they did work co- operatively together they would not have made it possible that the evidence of James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks was subdued and limited to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Tuesday.

In this respect, the question that has to be asked is why was it that the police investigation engaged with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks prior to them giving evidence to this committee and the reason why they made it impossible for them to answer the most searching questions?

A cynic would say that it was planned so that the Establishment (police and politicians) could not get to the truth and therefore what was convened was a court of investigative irrelevance.

An intelligent man would ask why they could not let the police get involved with the two executives after the select committee hearing and before any legal constraints had been imposed.

But a wise man would ask, why are the police and the politicians running the show when they have the most to hide? Clearly the integrity of the whole affair is in serious doubt and that the people's requirement for impartiality, honesty and independence is not going to be the outcome.


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